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Henan Jinxing Cereals And Oils Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd

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Peanut Oil Equipment
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Peanut oil is composed of 20% saturated fatty acid and 80% unsaturated fatty acid, mainly oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid. The iodine value of peanut oil is about 80-110. It belongs to dry oil. It is light yellow, transparent and fragrant. It is a kind of high-quality cooking oil. According to the national standard GB 1534-2003 "Peanut Oil", peanut oil can be divided into leaching peanut oil and pressing peanut oil according to the production process. Leaching peanut oil is the oil produced by solvent leaching, and pressing peanut oil is the oil produced by pressing method.

On the left side of the picture above is pressed peanut oil, that is, processed peanut oil after crushing, embryo rolling, steaming, pressing and low temperature filtration. It is not chemically treated oil, so the color is heavier and has multiple benefits for human body.

On the right side of the picture above is the finished oil which has been crushed, rolled embryo, steamed, pressed, solvent extracted and refined. Large factories generally adopt this method. After a series of treatments, the residual oil rate in peanut cake is low and more oil can be obtained. It is a very economical production process.

Production process

Shelling: Remove the peanut shell

Stone Removal: Use a Stone Remover to Remove Stones from Peanut Raw Materials

Magnetic Absorption: Remove Iron from Raw Material by Magnetic Cylinder

Screening: Remove other impurities from raw materials with vibrating screen

Breaking: Breaking peanuts so that they can be leached later or steamed directly without breaking.

Embryo Rolling: It's easier to press peanuts into flakes. This step can also be skipped.

Steaming and frying(YZCL): Use steaming and frying pan to adjust the moisture content of peanuts, which is more conducive to the following process。

Pressing: screw press to extract oil

Company information:

Edible oil involves soybean, rapeseed, corn germ, sesame, Camellia seed, cottonseed, sunflower seed, flaxseed (commonly known as flax), etc. The production line of oil production, extraction and refining is from small to large-scale 1000t/d.

Henan Jinxing Cereals and Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. covers most provinces and cities in China. For example, Shandong Xiwang Group "China Corn Oil City", Henan Puyang Peanut Oil Production Line, Inner Mongolia Xilingol League Linseed Production Line "Alliance Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization" and other large oil enterprises.

Our products sell well abroad. We have customers in more than 20 countries and regions, including Malawi, Zambia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, covering the equipment manufacturing of large, medium and small edible oil manufacturers.